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    NIC Assesses Jail’s Mental Health Issues

    The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) regularly provides Technical Assistance to respond directly to the needs, problems, and individual requirements of state and local correctional agencies. This article provides a brief look at an NIC assessment of how the McLean County Jail handles mentally ill inmates. It also links to an excellent podcast with NIC Consultants Ken Ray and Mark Goldman and Sheriff Mike Emery. During this interview various topics were discussed such as: why NIC is there;...
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    Building on Brownfields

    By Marc Scoble, Vice President of Midwest Program Management, Heery International, Inc. County commissioners are often concerned with revitalizing neglected industrial areas, or “brownfields,” in U.S. cities. When discussing the location of a proposed detention facility, they may want to consider the potential advantages of building in brownfields. This article discusses the journey traveled by Cuyahoga County, Ohio, in choosing to build a new juvenile justice complex in the Fairfax neighborhood...
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    Cities in King County, Washington, “SCORE” with Award-Winning Jail

    By Connie Clem, Editor, National Jail Exchange When King County, Washington ran out of room in their jails and decided to no longer accept misdemeanor arrests from cities in the county, seven cities in the King County area formed a multijurisdictional committee to develop a plan to address the housing of individuals arrested for misdemeanor offenses in their cities. The South Correctional Entity Multijurisdictional Jail (SCORE) was built by the SCORE Public Development Authority and is managed by...
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    Leading by Example: Blue Earth County Goes “Green” in Its New Justice Center and Jail

    By Jessica Beyer, Blue Earth County Communications Manager & Business Analyst, Mankato, Minnesota, and Connie Clem, Editor, National Jail Exchange, Longmont, Colorado The Blue Earth County Justice Center and Jail in Mankato, Minnesota, was completed and occupied in June 2009. It is a multipurpose facility created to update county services, increase jail capacity, and streamline criminal justice processes for the county. It was also the first “green” public construction project in...
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    Justice Goes Green

    By Kenneth Ricci. This article originally appeared in American Jails magazine, July-August 2011. Article provided for download courtesy of the American Jail Association, . This article highlights key information presented in the white paper, Sustainable Justice 2030: Green Guide to Justice, published by the Sustainable Justice Committee of the Academy of Architecture for Justice, American Institute of Architects. The aim of that project was to "articulate a vision for how green justice...
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    Lubbock County's New Detention Center: Vision to Occupation

    This article by Dan Corbin, CJM, and Malcolm Chambliss was originally published by the American Jail Association in American Jails magazine, January-February 2011 issue. It appears here by permission of AJA. Corbin and Chambliss write, The former Lubbock County Detention Center’s needs had surpassed what the facility could provide. Aside from various maintenance issues, administration’s major concern was overcrowding. As a result, in August 2000, then-Sheriff David Gutierrez and his staff...
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    The National Institute of Corrections: Serving Jails for More Than 30 Years

    This article by Virginia Hutchinson, Chief, NIC Jails Division, was published in Corrections Today magazine, Vol. 72, no. 2, April 2010. Cited here by permission of the American Correctional Association and the author. Since 1976, the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) has been the primary federal source of technical assistance, training and information services to jails. NIC provides services at no cost to the requesting agency. Although jails may request services from various NIC divisions...
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