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Get To Know NIC: Amanda Hall
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GetToKnow.LOGOAmanda Hall is a correctional program specialist in the NIC Academy Division. Before joining the National Institute of Corrections in June 2012, she was a 10-year employee of the Indiana Department of Correction. While at IDOC, she held a variety of positions including director of training (Parole Division), program director (Community Corrections Section/Grant Act), and director of case management (statewide).  She has a strong background in juvenile services. Ms. Hall was a regional field coordinator (RFC) in the central region under the NIC Regional Training Initiative for three years, and returned as an RFC alumni facilitator for the region. Ms. Hall also has experience as a technical resource provider for NIC. She is a graduate of Indiana University/Purdue University (Indianapolis) with a degree in criminal justice, and is an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Navy. She holds memberships in a wide variety of professional organizations.

Responsibilities at NIC

Ms. Hall manages a variety of NIC Academy Division training programs including Management Development for the Future, Unleashing Your Leadership Potential, and Essential Skills for New Supervisors. Under the Division’s Learning and Performance Initiative, she authored “Correctional Learning and Performance: A Vision for the 21st Century”and served as a trainer/facilitator for NIC satellite/internet broadcasts and webinars on learning and performance for correctional staff. She is now developing a leadership/management program for custody managers, and is adding additional blended delivery strategies to Management Development for the Future. Ms. Hall also manages technical assistance events in her area of expertise.

Professional Interests

Ms. Hall has a passion for making a difference. She came to NIC as an opportunity to reach a wider audience for sharing the vision of what can be, and to influence and assist a greater correctional community. She wants to be in the forefront of further professionalizing the corrections industry, particularly through the power of training. Ms. Hall says, “Everybody calls it training, but it is really learning and performance. Learning and performance always need to be linked if we hope to make a difference. The key is in the design. If you want to hit the target of changing performance, you need to design it in up front!”  Her focus is in applying the thinking behind evidence-based practice to the training environment, especially the design phase, so it yields “research and evidence-based learning.”

Fun Facts and Hidden Talents

Amanda Hall is deathly afraid of heights. In the Navy, she was a parachute rigger and had to jump out of an airplane with a parachute she had rigged herself. She did. Once. Only once. But she passed her proficiency test. Her hidden talent is planning events like weddings and parties, and she is a wiz at arranging artificial flowers (since they don’t object to hot glue guns like real flowers might.)

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