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    Parenting Program in Bexar County Helps Change an Inmate’s Life

    From Incarcerated Mother to Community Role Model: Unique Parenting Program in Bexar County Credited with Inmate’s Turnaround By Rosanne Hughes The current issue of ACA’s Correction Today magazine highlights a program for incarcerated mothers called MATCH. Bexar County Jail began MATCH more than 30 years ago. The program provides participants with structured educational classes, e-books, and parent-child contact visits. In March 2014 the program began partnering with Bibliotech, a bookless...
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    In the News: Ohio Seeks to Stem Spike of Women in Prison

    A recent article in The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio seeks to stem spike of women in prison , outlines how Ohio plans to move women offenders out of prisons to community programs and house arrest. Highlights from the article include: The Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville, which didn’t have a perimeter fence until the 1980s, is now home to more than 2,600 inmates. The explosion in the number of women incarcerated is blamed on the drug trade. “Drug possession is the No. 1 sentence for...
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    National Organizations Ask Feds to Address Use of Restraints on Incarcerated Pregnant Women and Adolescents

    From the American Psychological Association: APA, in conjunction with five national partner organizations, released a statement calling on Congress and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to work with state and local governments to restrict the use of restraints on incarcerated women and girls during pregnancy, labor and postpartum recovery. The coalition represents the fields of physical and mental health, corrections, human rights, and juvenile and criminal justice, and comprises: American Congress...
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    Upcoming Webinar: Parental Arrest Policies and Protecting Children

    From the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP): On Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 from 4:00 to 5:00 PM EST, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), in collaboration with the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, will host a webinar Parental Arrest Policies and Protecting Children: Training Your Department . Webinar panelists will provide training guidance for police departments on parental arrest policies that safeguard...
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    Serving Time Cafe In Utah provides Inmate Job Training

    The Serving Time Cafe is operated by Utah Correctional Industries and is located next to the Utah State Prison. The cafe opened on December 7, 2009. The employees are a combination of inmate employees and staff. Many of the female inmates who work in the cafe have earned vocational certificates in culinary arts through Davis Applied Technology College. They are involved in most facets of running the restaurant. Inmates create the menu, order supplies, wash dishes, cook, and serve the food. Working...
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    In the News: Women in Oklahoma Prisons

    This series of articles by Joy Hampton, published in The Norman Transcript, focuses on women in Oklahoma’s prisons, their offenses and their families. Recent articles: Mean laws or mean women? Examining how the state deals with women’s criminal offenses. Bassett tales of redemption . How women are giving back to society with the Friends for Folks dog training program. Somebody's daughter: Every woman serving time is someone's child . About women in prison and their families. Children...
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    Enhancing Care for Childbearing Women and their Babies in Prison

    Hallam Centre for Community Justice and Action for Prisoners’ and Offenders’ Families released a report last month, funded by Barrow Cadbury Trust, which examines the services available to mothers and babies in the prison system in England. While the report focuses on the correctional system in Great Britain, it does have relevance for prisons in the United States that either already have Mother and Baby Units or are considering adding them. In the British system women who are pregnant...
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    Recently Released: Fact Sheet on Incarcerated Women and Girls

    From The Sentencing Project this December 2015 fact sheet, Incarcerated Women and Girls , provides “data on the increase in the number of women and girls in the justice system over time and highlights important differences between men and women in prison as well as boys and girls in the juvenile justice system.” Highlights from the report: Between 1980 and 2014, the number of incarcerated women increased by more than 700%, rising from a total of 26,378 in 1980 to 215,332 in 2014. Though...
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    In the News: States Grapple with Girls in the Juvenile Justice System

    A recent article from The PEW Charitable Trusts, States Grapple with Girls in the Juvenile Justice System , discusses how juvenile girls often have more complex needs than boys and the challenge that brings to states and localities. Highlights from the article include: Male juvenile offenders still greatly outnumber females. But while the arrest rate for juveniles has declined over the past two decades, it has not fallen as sharply for girls as it has for boys. And minority girls are twice as likely...
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    Deadline Approaching: How Being Trauma-Informed Improves Criminal Justice System Responses

    SAMHSA’s GAINS Center for Behavioral Health and Justice Transformation is soliciting applications from communities interested in developing a capacity to provide trauma-informed training. The GAINS Center is offering a series of Train-The-Trainer (TTT) events to train local trainers to deliver its How Being Trauma-Informed Improves Criminal Justice System Responses training program. The target audiences for this training program are primarily community-based criminal justice system professionals...
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    Upcoming Webinar: Challenges of Female Programming in the JJ System

    Join this free webinar on December 9th from the National Training & Technical Assistance Center : What do we know about girls? As Paula Schaefer, national consultant on female responsive services in the juvenile justice system, notes in her research - girls are relational. This means that relationships are central to girls’ lives. The way girls perceive how the important people around them feel about them is the way girls will feel about themselves. It is essential that we take lessons...
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    In the News: We should stop putting women in jail. For anything.

    A recent Washington Post article, We should stop putting women in jail. For anything. , leads with the “radical idea” to stop incarcerating women and close down women’s prisons and refers to a movement in Britain to do just that. The alternative to jailing women could model Britain’s approach where advocates “propose community sentences for nonviolent offenders and housing violent offenders in small custodial centers near their families.” Example programs in the...
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    States of Women's Incarceration: The Global Context

    Mass incarceration in the United States is a hot topic in the news. The United States incarcerates 716 people for every 100,000 residents. That number is higher than any other country in the world. Most of those incarcerated are men, but hidden in the incarceration numbers are the number of women held in correctional facilities. The Prison Policy Initiative released a new report that compares the incarceration rate of women in individual U.S. states to other countries. This report, States of Women's...
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    Register Now - Implementing Policies and Practices on the Non-Use of Restraints with Incarcerated Pregnant Women

    Reserve your spot for the upcoming webinar, Implementing Policies and Practices on the Non-Use of Restraints with Incarcerated Pregnant Women , from the National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women and co-sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the National Institute of Corrections. About the webinar: In 2013, the National Task Force on the Use of Restraints with Pregnant Women under Correctional Custody developed a best practices statement to articulate a set of principles and recommendations...
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    New in the Library – Safeguarding the Rights of Girls in the Criminal Justice System

    From the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence Against Children, Safeguarding the Rights of Girls in the Criminal Justice System , provides an international view on how “girls who fall victim to violence often find themselves criminalized, which can lead, in turn, to further violence against them in the criminal justice system.” Sections of the report include: Factors contributing to the vulnerability of girls in the criminal justice system; Gender...
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