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    Get To Know NIC: Panda Adkins

    Panda Adkins is a correctional program specialist in the NIC Jails Division . Prior to joining the National Institute of Corrections in December 2012, she was a 16-year employee of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department Corrections Division, where she began her career as a corrections officer. She next served as a case manager, and then became the Davidson County work release manager. Panda has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree from Tennessee State University, and a Master...
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    Did You Know: NIC’s Correctional Trainers Forum

    The National Institute of Corrections provides a variety of discussion forums on its Corrections Community networking site. One of the most active and interesting forums is the Correctional Trainers discussion forum. The forum’s operating philosophy is sort of like that penny dish you always see at checkouts: when you need a penny take one, but in return, leave a few when you can. Trainers are in constant need of resources, new information, better approaches, and innovative instructional techniques...
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    Social Networking - Be in the Bleachers or Be in the Game!

    We met in an ACA workshop on Sunday with about 50 professionals in correctional management and learning.Great workshop, thanks to the participants!It was about embracing applications of social networking and supporting technology. One theme was echoed loud and clear.Social networking technology is here and here to stay. Participants were put to work identifying applications for Wikis, Blogs, Social Networking and Video Sharing. We generated a starter list for correctional applications. Wikis; to...
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