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February 2008 - Thinking About Corrections

Thinking About Corrections


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    Examining the Incarceration Policy/Funding Bind

    The Pew Center on the States has released a new report examining how states are coping with burgeoning prison populations and whether public safety is effectively being purchased with high incarceration costs. In One in 100: Behind Bars in America 2008 , Pew reviews the varying state trends in prison growth, costs associated with them, and efforts to forge new directions in controlling crime and costs.
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    More About What Influences Reentry

    The Urban Institute has just posted a significant addition to its extensive examination of the reentry process. In Health and Prisoner Reentry : How Physical, Mental, and Substance Abuse Conditions Shape the Process of Reintegration, authors Kamala Mallik-Kane and Christy A. Visher examine the experiences of a representative sample of 1,100 inmates returning from state prisons in Ohio and Texas. The report documents the pervasiveness of health problems among returning prisoners and the effect of...
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