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August 2008 - Thinking About Corrections

Thinking About Corrections


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    Putting Public Policy on an Evidence-Based Track

    Saying that "U.S. public policy has increasingly been conceived, debated and evaluated through the lenses of politics and ideology," the Urban Institute has released an updated brief, Beyond Ideology, Politics, and Guesswork: The Case for Evidence-Based Policy. In just eight pages, the paper succinctly covers several public policy areas, including criminal justice and corrections.
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    An Interactive Web-Based Reentry Tool

    The Council of State Governments Justice Center has unveiled "a first-of-its-kind interactive online tool for state and local government professionals working to make prison and jail reentry safer and more successful." The tool is organized by topic areas, such as physical health, substance abuse, and mental health, each divided by timeframes, and includes descriptions of information to gather and links to assessment instruments.
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