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Are You A Leader Or A Lone Nut?
Thinking About Corrections


TED Talk: Are You a Leader or a Lone Nut?
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“What are the skills and attributes of an effective correctional leader and how can they be developed?”

To answer this question, the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) and the Academy Division developed the Core Competencies Project. This project called on the expertise of a number of respected professionals in the leadership field to identify the qualities needed by effective leaders across a wide range of correctional agencies/organizations. After defining four levels of correctional leaders and developing managerial profiles for each level based on key areas of responsibility, the project then identified core competencies for each level through focus groups and surveys of correctional leaders, consultation with experts in the correctional field, and comparison with other fields. For each competency, the project then developed a knowledge base to help correctional leaders at each level understand the competency better and identified a set of key skills and behaviors related to the competency.

The publication, Correctional Leadership Competencies for the 21st Century: Executive and Senior-Level Leaders, and its companion document, Correctional Leadership Competencies for the 21st Century: Manager and Supervisor Levels, represent the culmination of that process. The core competencies presented for correctional executives and senior-level leaders emphasize not only the value of such capabilities as strategic thinking, managing the external environment, strategic planning, collaboration, and team building, but also the attributes of character that correctional leaders need, including self-awareness, a strong sense of ethics and values, a sense of personal and organizational vision and mission, and the ability to use power effectively and responsibly. These competencies provide correctional agencies/organizations with tools for identifying and training current and future leaders who possess those capabilities and attributes, and they offer correctional professionals guidelines for strengthening and cultivating the attributes and related behaviors.

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