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Military Veterans-Only Unit Opens in Georgia Jail
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What is claimed to be the first ever veterans only jail dorm is up and running. The Muscogee county jail in Georgia is giving special treatment to military veterans who are incarcerated.

The Muscogee County Sheriff says there are specific programs set up for the vets to keep them from breaking the law once they get out.  Sheriff John Darr says it doesn't cost taxpayers any more money than a regular dorm because programs addressing addiction, depression, and housing are all volunteer based.

Organizers say with veterans making up 9% of the nation's inmate population, other jurisdictions are calling to ask about the program.

“What we're looking at is having one big partnership to deal with this certain group," Sheriff Darr said. "Here is a certain demographic that needs to deal with their issues and not only within the facility -- but as they transition back into this community."

Fox News: "First Veteran Exclusive Jail Dorm Opens"

NIC Website: Resources relevant to those dealing with veterans involved in the criminal justice system.    

Career One Stop: Resources for incarcerated or ex-offender veterans.

Veterans Court in Orange County, CA.


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