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2012 National Symposium on Sustainable Corrections
Thinking About Corrections


Hailed as the only national in-depth discussion of the utilization of sustainable products and services in the corrections profession, this symposium was held Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 2012 just minutes from the Indianapolis International Airport.

In preparation for this event, you might be interested in some of the things the National Institute of Corrections is doing around the area of greening corrections. While greening your facility might seem like a luxury project at first glance, it can be a strategy for developing cost-saving practices as well as an opportunity to develop green-collar readiness training programs.

  • The Greening of Corrections: Creating a Sustainable System (PDF)
    What are viable strategies for cutting costs while protecting the public’s safety? Corrections can achieve some substantial cost savings in sustainability or greening strategies. This publication “provides correctional professionals with a framework to gain a general understanding of sustainability practices and principles and to identify examples of operations, programs, and management strategies for self-sustaining facilities” (p. ii). Sections of this publication include: introduction; greening of correctional facilities; completing the sustainable model—preparing and training inmates; correctional industries—creating sustainable products/services and a green workforce; green reentry programs; recommendations for greening prisons and jails; and conclusion—the sustainable correctional/detention facility of the future.
  • Greening Corrections: People, Programs, and Practices (Video)
    This program seeks to increase environmental awareness among corrections professionals and focuses attention on the need to make correctional facilities more energy and resource efficient. This broadcast:
    • Explores the feasibility of introducing green collar job readiness training programs
    • Assesses correctional industries capability to adopt “green” practices
    • And identifies strategies to assess cost saving options for correctional agencies to operate “self sustaining” facilities and programs

The National Institute of Corrections also offers funding assistance for agencies interested in adopting green initiatives. More information can be found on the NIC website.

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