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Thinking About Corrections


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    National Jail Succession Planning and Leadership Development Project

    American jails are facing a crisis. Many senior- and mid-level administrators will reach retirement age within the next few years. Without adequate preparation, jails will struggle with a rapid loss of experienced leaders in the not-too-distant future. In response to this upcoming crisis, the Center for Innovative Public Policies, the American Jail Association, and the Correctional Management Institute of Texas, Sam Houston State University have been working together on the National Jail Succession...
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    Are You A Leader Or A Lone Nut?

    Link to Video “What are the skills and attributes of an effective correctional leader and how can they be developed?” To answer this question, the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) and the Academy Division developed the Core Competencies Project. This project called on the expertise of a number of respected professionals in the leadership field to identify the qualities needed by effective leaders across a wide range of correctional agencies/organizations. After defining four levels...
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    'Culture' is Not Just Something Found in Yogurt

    In the dynamic profession of corrections, organizations must adapt to many different challenges. This necessitates defining, planning, and strategically managing an agency's mission and goals. This can not be accomplished effectively without a thorough examination and understanding of the elements that make up its organizational culture. "Organizational culture is defined as the values, assumptions, and beliefs that people in an organization hold that 'drive the way they think and behave...
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    Do You Have the 'Right Stuff' to Lead and Manage Your Agency?

    The skills and abilities correctional leaders must possess to direct and manage the operations of their agencies/organizations are especially relevant now given the changing nature of technologies, workforce demographics, the legislative environment, and public opinion. In recognition of the need for executives and supervisors to have a clear and purposeful understanding of the tasks, responsibilities and collaborative nature of their positions, the National Institute of Corrections Academy and Special...
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