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    NIC Review Leads to Changes in State Prison System

    In a release on Oct. 25th to the South Dakota Department of Corrections Commission, the state announced plans to adopt all 15 of the recommendations made from a National Institute of Corrections (NIC) review of the state penitentiary. This review was the result of an investigation into the homicide of Senior Correctional Officer Ronald “RJ” Johnson during a escape attempt by two inmates from the penitentiary in April, 2011. The NIC report was produced after conducting staff interviews...
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    What Are the Most Dangerous Everyday Objects in Your Facility?

    Correctional officers in prisons and jails face an environment in which they are surrounded by potentially dangerous inmates with access to ordinary items that can be converted into weapons. In a new NIJ-funded report, Improving Correctional Officer Safety : Reducing Inmate Weapons, a panel of practitioners from the correctional community, along with researchers from Johns Hopkins University, looks at which everyday objects pose the greatest threat to correctional officers in the real world environment...
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