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Thinking About Corrections


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    Groundbreaking Federal Interagency Report on Women and Trauma-informed Approaches

    You are invited to download a groundbreaking report, Trauma-informed Approaches: Federal Activities and Initiatives —the second and highly anticipated Working Document Report of the Federal Partners Committee on Women and Trauma. Completed on September 30, 2013, the report documents the projects, programs, and initiatives of more than three dozen federal agencies, departments, and offices—one of the largest interagency collaborations in federal government history. With agencies’...
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    JusticeHome: Home-Based Alternative Incarceration Program Approved in Brooklyn

    On May 8, 2013, the Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes and the Women’s Prison Association announced the launch of the JusticeHome program. This program is a “home-based alternative to incarceration, for women, particularly those with children” aimed at reducing incarceration costs and recidivism among female offenders. The program is based on the Drew House Model , which was opened in 2008, and has been evaluated by Columbia University as a model that should be “scaled...
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    Listen to the Podcast – Research on Women Offenders

    This DC Public Radio program interviews Nancy G. La Vigne, Director, Justice Policy Center of The Urban Institute. The topic is “ Research on Women Offenders ” as documented by “Returning Home: Understanding the Challenges of Prisoner Reentry,” which represents the only published empirical research with a sample size sufficient to identify statistical differences in the experiences of women versus men released from prison. Listen to the podcast here For additional information...
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    Safety of Women in Prisons and Jails

    A recently posted report, funded by the National Institute of Justice, extensively examines violence and safety in correctional facilities for women. Gendered Violence and Safety: A Contextual Approach to Improving Security in Women's Facilities reports on survey findings, as well as focus groups with both female inmates and staff, to examine "the context and correlates of both violence and safety in correctional facilities for women. The data support our original hypothesis that sexual...
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    What's Being Done to Help Women, in a Nutshell

    Addressing Women's Incarceration: A National Survey of State Commissions and Task Forces on Women in the Criminal Justice System is a new, concise resource from the Women's Prison Association. Per the WPA, "[p]roviding links to authorizing legislation, final reports, as well as other information generated by these bodies, this resource is meant to serve as a tool for decision-makers and concerned community members." In such an important and active area, it is helpful to see such...
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    The "Most Punitive States for Women"

    Drawing data from a variety of sources, primarily Federally produced, the National Council on Crime and Delinquency has created a composite review of The Nation's Most Punitive States for Women . The factsheet provides state-by-state figures for women held in state prison or local jails, women on probation and parole, juvenile girls in custody, and an aggregate of total control.
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