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    "DC Public Safety" Podcasts

    Commissioner Cranston J. Mitchell, Vice Chairman, US Parole Commission and Robbye Braxton-Mintz, Correctional Program Specialist, National Institute of Corrections were recently featured discussing the status of parole in the United States on a "DC Public Radio" program . Another noteworthy program covered motivational interviewing . “ DC Public Safety ” offers Radio and television shows, blog and transcripts on crime, criminal offenders and the criminal justice system. Click...
    Posted to Thinking About Corrections by S. Cairns on Thu, Jun 28 2012
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    In case you missed it: AJA/COTC PREA Webinar

    The July 11, 2012 webinar PREA Interpretation, Impact, and Implementation was recorded and is now available for viewing. This informative learning experience was co-hosted by the American Jail Association (AJA) and the Corrections Online Training Collaborative (COTC). To view the webinar . To learn more about AJA and COTC: American Jail Association Corrections Online Training Collaborative PREA Resources NIC PREA Resources National PREA Resource Center
    Posted to Thinking About Corrections by Anonymous on Fri, Jul 20 2012
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    2012 National Symposium on Sustainable Corrections

    Hailed as the only national in-depth discussion of the utilization of sustainable products and services in the corrections profession, this symposium was held Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 2012 just minutes from the Indianapolis International Airport. In preparation for this event, you might be interested in some of the things the National Institute of Corrections is doing around the area of greening corrections. While greening your facility might seem like a luxury project at first glance, it can be a strategy...
    Posted to Thinking About Corrections by Billy on Wed, Aug 22 2012
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