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A Technological Approach to Inmate Searches
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Court rulings on strip searches over the past 20 years have limited the ability of jails to perform these searches of arrestees and inmatx-ray unites being housed, and the financial penalties for violations have strongly encouraged jails across the country to comply with the decisions made by the courts.

In early 2010 the Sedgwick County Detention Facility took steps to make searches of arrestees and inmates more effective without violating the law. The installation of new backscatter x-ray technology, similar to that used in airports has proven to be an effective tool for the discovery of concealed items that may be missed during even the most effective pat search. The article, written by Major Glenn Kurtz, discusses developing the justification for the purchase and the decision making process for selecting the technology, training and lessons learned, the use of the scans, and the results they have achieved through the use of this technology.

Posted Thu, Jun 9 2011 2:58 PM by Susan Powell
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