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December 2011 - National Jail Exchange

National Jail Exchange

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    Mental Health Diversion Programs Can Improve Public Safety, Reduce Costs, and Increase Quality of Life

    From "Douglas County's Mental Health Diversion Program" ( American Jails Sept/Oct 2011) by Cynthia A. Boganowski Individuals who are incarcerated while experiencing crises in addition to homelessness, substance abuse, and mental illness are still in crisis when released if treatment is not offered and resources are not provided. As the results of MHD and similar alternatives to incarceration demonstrate, the provision of individualized treatment planning and intensive case management...
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    ACA’s Core Jail Standards Focus on the Basics

    By Rod Miller, CRS, Inc. and Connie Clem Looking for more information or accreditation on ACA’s Core Jail Standards? Miller’s article covers several key questions around the development and validation of the Core Jail Standards. • What are the Core Jail Standards? • Why do we need jail standards? • Why do we need the new Core Jail Standards? • Who developed the Core Jail Standards? • What makes a standard “core”? The article also includes: comparisons...
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