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March 2012 - National Jail Exchange

National Jail Exchange

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    An Investment in the Future: La Crosse County Charts a Course for Transition from Jail to the Community

    By Jane Klekamp, Chemical Health and Justice Sanctions Manager, La Crosse County Government, La Crosse, Wisconsin What does the criminal justice system really want from people who are involved in the system as offenders—retribution? Justice? Punishment? Deterrence? Fewer crimes? La Crosse County is one of six communities nationwide selected to implement the Transition from Jail to Community (TJC) Initiative, an innovative, evidence-based transition model. The TJC Initiative seeks to improve...
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    Justice Goes Green

    By Kenneth Ricci. This article originally appeared in American Jails magazine, July-August 2011. Article provided for download courtesy of the American Jail Association, . This article highlights key information presented in the white paper, Sustainable Justice 2030: Green Guide to Justice, published by the Sustainable Justice Committee of the Academy of Architecture for Justice, American Institute of Architects. The aim of that project was to "articulate a vision for how green justice...
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