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June 2012 - National Jail Exchange

National Jail Exchange

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    Greening Corrections Technology Guidebook

    By Paul M. Sheldon, M.A., Senior Advisor, Natural Capitalism Solutions, and Eugene Atherton, Program Manager, Corrections Technology Center of Excellence National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center, October 2011 The American Correctional Association (ACA) has established standards and policy on “clean and green” practices for corrections agencies seeking to reduce their environmental impact and operating costs. Increasingly, agencies are taking advantage of opportunities...
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    Leading by Example: Blue Earth County Goes “Green” in Its New Justice Center and Jail

    By Jessica Beyer, Blue Earth County Communications Manager & Business Analyst, Mankato, Minnesota, and Connie Clem, Editor, National Jail Exchange, Longmont, Colorado The Blue Earth County Justice Center and Jail in Mankato, Minnesota, was completed and occupied in June 2009. It is a multipurpose facility created to update county services, increase jail capacity, and streamline criminal justice processes for the county. It was also the first “green” public construction project in...
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