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February 2014 - National Jail Exchange

National Jail Exchange

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    The Road to an Effective RTC Program

    By Wendelyn Pekich, Wexford Health Sources, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This article appeared in Corrections Forum magazine, September/October 2013, pp. 38-40. It is featured here with the permission of the publisher. Jails carry an obligation to help mentally ill detainees regain their legal competency to stand trial. In larger cities and counties, providing the necessary care can be manageable, but the challenges are much greater in rural areas of the country. This article describes how officials...
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    NIC Services in Managing Justice-Involved Women

    By Maureen Buell, National Institute of Corrections, Washington, D.C. This article appeared in American Jails magazine, Vol. 27, no. 6, January/February 2014, pp. 51–54. It is featured here with the permission of the American Jail Association. “Accepted policy and practice in the correctional profession have been established and implemented for the largest population, which is overwhelmingly male. That holds true for programming, facility design, assessment and classification tools, and...
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    10 Facts About Women in Jails

    By Becki Ney, Principal, the Center for Effective Public Policy. This article appeared in American Jails, January-February, 2014, Vol. 27, no. 6. and is posted here courtesy of the American Jail Association. Noting that more than 90,000 women were being held in U.S. jails as of 2012, Ms. Ney explains the top 10 reasons why a gender-informed perspective on women in jail improves individual women’s outcomes and helps break generational cycles of justice system involvement. A brief discussion...
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    Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting Aurora, Colorado September 15–17, 2013.

    Prepared by: Connie Clem NIC’s Large Jail Network (LJN) program links administrators of jails and jail systems with more than 1,000 inmates to discuss issues of common interest. Presenters include jail personnel and other professionals with expertise in or relevant to corrections. NIC hosts the program twice yearly, in the spring and fall. Much of the information presented at LJN programs is useful for jails of any size. Topics addressed at the September 2013 LJN program included the following...
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    The Unseen Provider: Health Care in Our Jails

    Source: Community Oriented Correctional Health Services (COCHS) This 8-minute video presents the case for implementing electronic health information exchanges (HIEs) that bridge the gap between jails and public health agencies, with the twin goals of cost savings and improving services to vulnerable populations. With Camden, New Jersey, as a backdrop, the video features local and national experts in community and jail-based health care, who discuss the HIE solution. Without an exchange, jails can...
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