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July 2014 - National Jail Exchange

National Jail Exchange

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    Computerizing Your Statistics for Better Jail Management

    By Jeff Goetz, CJM, Administrative Commander, Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, Boulder, Colorado Easy access to information on jail operations can make or break a manager’s ability to direct the jail and to communicate key indicators both inside and outside the facility. Boulder County’s solution has been to build an intranet-based report, using Microsoft Excel, which compiles data from all functions and programs in the jail. This article describes how Boulder County set up its...
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    Jail Reentry Planning: A Little Collaboration and Communication Go a Long Way

    By Andrew Verheek, Planner, Kent County Office of Community Corrections, Grand Rapids, Michigan This article describes how several justice and community service agencies joined forces to launch a reentry system for county jail inmates in a Michigan city. Because of the complexity of planning and implementation and the challenges of meeting all stakeholder agencies’ needs, clear and open communication was vital to the project’s success. The author gives specific examples of how the multiple...
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