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Computerizing Your Statistics for Better Jail Management
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By Jeff Goetz, CJM, Administrative Commander, Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, Boulder, Colorado


Easy access to information on jail operations can make or break a manager’s ability to direct the jail and to communicate key indicators both inside and outside the facility. Boulder County’s solution has been to build an intranet-based report, using Microsoft Excel, which compiles data from all functions and programs in the jail.

This article describes how Boulder County set up its report workbook in Excel, including a front-page “COMSTAT”-style dashboard for managers that displays high-level data. The system includes automated reports from the Jail Management System (JMS) and information from other sources. A point person was assigned to develop the overall system. Other staff members who are responsible for various areas of jail operation manage their own data on the appropriate worksheets. Staff members’ access to read or edit information is individually defined.

With this tool, jail managers have better data for decision-making and for ensuring staff accountability. Jail leaders have used the system to identify population trends, review factors behind overtime costs, and answer late-breaking questions to the satisfaction of the sheriff and county commissioners.

Posted Wed, Jul 23 2014 9:00 AM by Elizabeth


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