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Franklin County Green Task Force Aims Bigger and Brighter
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Medium- to large-sized jails can generate tons of waste—much of which can be diverted from landfills with a bit of creativity and community support. This article describes several major initiatives that have been implemented by the “bright green” Green Task Force in the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

The Franklin County jail system is recycling everything from containers to worn-out inmate clothing, footwear, franklincountyand blankets. It has reduced the fees it pays to trash haulers and is now collecting revenues on its recycled cardboard. 

In the past year, 42 tons of food waste has been converted into compost, earning Franklin County the 2014 National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award in the category of Environmental Protection and Energy.

Franklin County also operates an inmate Litter Removal Road Crew and develops green industry job skills in its reentry programming. A Public Safety Center that is intended to be LEED-certified is also in development.

By the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Green Task Force: Chief Deputy Geoff Stobart, Major Penny Perry, Lt. Matthew Stice, and others

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Posted Wed, Nov 26 2014 11:52 AM by Elizabeth


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