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PREA Training from an Auditor’s View
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By Walter Sipple

(This article was published in American Jails magazine and has been posted with the permission of the American Jail Association.)

As both a certified PREA auditor and the PREA compliance manager for a detention facility (the U.S. Naval Brig in Charleston, South Carolina), Walter Sipple is convinced that staff training and staff buy-in are essential to the success of an agency’s PREA efforts.

Jails that proactively implement new practices and training as required by the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA) are creating safer facilities, avoiding failure-to-train issues, and addressing potential liability issues, he states.

Sipple is aware early in an audit whether a facility is deficient in its PREA training. In this article, he shares his strategy for delivering security staff training that will be integrated into an agency’s culture for lasting improvements in facility safety. He also shares insights into the specialized training needed by investigators, medical and mental health care personnel, volunteers, and contractors.

The article also includes pointers for comprehensive inmate education that meets the PREA standards.

Posted Tue, May 5 2015 9:14 AM by Elizabeth


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