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    New NIC Resources on Inmate Behavior Management

    Managing inmate behavior is the core function of jails. But jails often have tended to focus on the physical containment of inmates (“care, custody, and control”) rather than developing the ability to actively supervise inmates and manage their behavior. Many problems commonly associated with jails are allowed to occur because staff lack the skills for productive personal interaction, an understanding of what motivates inmate behavior, and the ability to leverage incentives and disincentives...
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    Two North’s Transition Project

    By Lt. Michael Esters, Jail Operations Section Commander, Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, Fort Collins, Colorado One year ago, Larimer County chose to take on the issue of managing difficult inmate behavior. The agency was dealing with tougher inmates and more disturbances after putting systems in place to divert low-level offenders away from jail. The author describes how he asked the jail’s entire supervisory staff to research other agencies’ practices via site visits and to...
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