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    The Technology Advantage: Using Shoulder-Mounted Cameras Within a Detention Facility

    By Major Timothy L. Smith, Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center, Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, North Charleston, South Carolina This article describes how the detention center in Charleston County, South Carolina, came to equip its special operations tactical teams with shoulder-mounted video cameras that record situations as they unfold. Because partner team members each wear a camera, two views are captured of every incident. The recordings have proven to be very helpful in after-action...
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    A Technological Approach to Inmate Searches

    Court rulings on strip searches over the past 20 years have limited the ability of jails to perform these searches of arrestees and inmat es being housed, and the financial penalties for violations have strongly encouraged jails across the country to comply with the decisions made by the courts. In early 2010 the Sedgwick County Detention Facility took steps to make searches of arrestees and inmates more effective without violating the law. The installation of new backscatter x-ray technology, similar...
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