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  • 2012

    A Matter of Duty: The Continuing War Against PTSD

    Video produced by Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 2013. 56 minutes. Jennifer Rooks and Charles C. Stuart, producers. Charles C. Stuart, writer and director. This program provides a look into the worlds of both jail personnel and inmates who served in the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan. It recounts the experiences of Kennebec County (Maine) Sheriff Randall Liberty, who served in Iraq after 24 years of law enforcement experience and returned home to face the effects of post-traumatic stress...
  • 2945

    Re-Entry for Veteran Identified Inmates

    By Donald Coffey and Joel F. Botner, Re-Entry Unit, Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department, Miami, Florida In this article, Coffey and Botner share some of Miami-Dade County's "lessons learned" in working with jail inmates who are veterans. They discuss: - The challenges jails may face in identifying veterans in the jail, and some ways to encourage disclosure so that these inmates get the help they deserve; - The behavioral and treatment needs that tend to be commonly...
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