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Want to Develop Your Middle Managers? Check out NIC's MDF Series!
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What is MDF?

MDF is NIC's Management Development for the Future series, a dynamic, agency exclusive, individual and organizational development experience, which primarily targets the middle management tier of a correctional organization. It simultaneously engages all levels of agency leadership through internal action-based learning strategies at the individual, team and agency levels. 


This agency exclusive management development series is conducted over 12 months and is provided to participants within selected agencies. The learning strategies used in this "blended" individual and organizational development series include three 24-hour classroom sessions spread out over the series, independent e-Learning courses, online instructor-led sessions, online 360-degree feedback leadership assessments, reading, participation in online community forums and discussions, individual coaching sessions, and the development of personal leadership development plans. Participants will prepare a dynamic Leadership Plan and undertake action-based learning projects focused on the relevant issues in their agencies with the intention of applying skills and strategies learned in the program to build organizational capacity and manage organizational change.

Application Requirements

Agencies interested in this program must submit Form B, available at this link and attach a letter of interest describing their organization's need and commitment to participate in this skills-based series, which totals approximately 120 hours over a 12 month period. Final selection and scheduling of the MDF series is contingent on the organization's commitment and preparedness to support the program actively and sponsor participants in their learning prior to and throughout the series. A comprehensive readiness assessment process and interview(s) with the executive level of the agency applying will be conducted prior to NIC's commitment to the program.

Note: This application process is for agencies only. A correctional agency from jails, prisons, or community corrections must apply and be selected for this management development series. Once an agency is selected, individual application and selection will be conducted through the agency.

Note: NIC does not pay any participant expenses related to attendance or participation in the MDF Series. For more information on the MDF series or the application process, please contact one of the correctional program specialists listed under "Contacts."


  • John Eggers, Ph.D., Academy Division; toll-free telephone: 800-995-6429, ext. 6615, or 303-338-6615; e-mail: 
  • Richard Geaither, Academy Division; toll-free telephone: 800-995-6429, ext. 6616, or 303-338-6616; e-mail:
  • Amanda Hall, Academy Dividion; toll-free telephone: 800-995-6429, ext. 6623, or 303-338-6623; e-mail:
  • Leslie LeMaster, Academy Division; toll-free telephone: 800-995-6429, ext. 6620, or 303-338-6620; e-mail:

Agency Applications Due: We continuously accept interest inquiries from agencies related to the MDF series. 

 *When an agency is selected, training dates will be negotiated between the assigned NIC Correctional Program Specialist and the requesting agency.

Posted Tue, Mar 9 2010 8:29 AM by Leslie LeMaster


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