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NIC Director Recognized by Women Executives
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NIC Director Morris Thigpen and AWEC members The Executive Committee of the Association of Women Executives in Corrections (AWEC) annually presents the Legacy Award to an outstanding professional who has supported the development and contributions of senior and executive women in corrections. AWEC represents over 200 women in leadership throughout the United States.

Director Thigpen has been the agency head of the National Institute of Corrections for over 15 years and has been responsible for ensuring that the National Institute of Corrections’ commitment to the development of women as senior and executive women remains a constant value. Through the well regarded Executive Women’s Training Program, the State Supervisory Leadership program for Women, and programs for women and minorities, NIC has for many years been the core of motivation, professional development, and an important networking source for women in leadership roles.

At the Legacy Brunch and presentation ceremony, Director Thigpen made the following comment: “During 38 years in corrections, I have had the opportunity to watch change in upward mobility of women in the system. I will always remember the meaningful experience at The Castle. We have made progress and a commitment to continue the network. This award is something I will treasure. I can tell you that there is not an award that I possess that will mean any more to me. Regarding AWEC. there are three essential elements in a person: belonging, worth, and competency — AWEC keeps focus on those elements.”

Reprinted with permission from the AWEC website

Posted Thu, Aug 26 2010 12:51 PM by Anonymous


Michael Johnson CAC-R, ICADC, HS-BCP wrote re: NIC Director Recognized by Women Executives
on Thu, Aug 26 2010 1:34 PM

It take a leadership to know we are spiritual being having a human experience.

                                                     God bless!

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