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Putting the Pieces Together with Evidence-Based Practices
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The new title Putting the Pieces Together: Practical Strategies for Implementing Evidence-Based Practices is now available at the NIC Information Center Library.

From the Forward by Director Morris L. Thigpen:

Now that the term “evidence-based practice” (EBP) has become part of the professional dialogue about corrections
across the country, it seems that many jurisdictions have gone beyond merely disseminating knowledge
about EBP to actually applying evidence-based principles in the field. Knowing about existing research iimages one
thing, and successfully obtaining measureable outcomes on the basis of that research is something else.

Throughout the years, beginning with the joint Core Papers on the Principles of Effective Intervention in 2002,the National Institute of Corrections Core Papers on the Principles of Effective Intervention in 2002, the National Institute of Corrections and the Crime and Justice Institute at Community Resources for Justice have recorded, observed, and assessed the efforts of numerous jurisdictions of various sizes and organizational structures in implementing EBP. The analysis of countless lessons learned has led to the development of this manual by the Crime and Justice Institute and other professionals involved in these efforts over the past several years. This manual is for jurisdiction administrators who understand the research and recognize the importance of implementing it with fidelity.

The National Institute of Corrections hopes this manual will serve both as a checklist of key management concepts and as a reminder of important organizational issues that need to be addressed to achieve positive public safety outcomes in an evidence-based environment.

Posted Thu, Mar 24 2011 11:39 AM by S. Cairns


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