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Announcing Reentry Myth Busters from the Federal Interagency Reentry Council
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Hey Community, are you ready to take the Reentry Pop Quiz?? 

Question 1. Individuals who have been convicted of a crime are “banned” from public housing.  True or False?Reentry Mythbuster

Question 2. Eligibility for Social Security benefits cannot be reinstated when an individual is released from incarceration. True or False?

Question 3. A person with a criminal record is not eligible to receive federal student financial aid. True or False?

All three statements are false and all three are commonly held beliefs about the formerly incarcerated. You can read about these myths, and nine others, in the Federal Interagency Reentry Council's new publication, Reentry Mythbusters.

According to Attorney General Eric Holder, “Reentry provides a major opportunity to reduce recidivism, save taxpayer dollars, and make our communities safer.” This is part of the reason the The Federal Interagency Reentry Council was created in January 2011. The Council's first publications are out now!

Reentry in Brief and Reentry Myth Busters are just two of the new must-read documents. Reentry in Brief provides important facts and statistics about reentry, outlines the goals of the Federal Interagency Reentry Council and provides a list federal reentry related websites. Reentry Myth Busters, according the the Council, is a series of fact sheets intended to clarify existing federal policies that affect formerly incarcerated individuals and their families. Each Myth Buster is an easy to read one-page sheet that tackles a common myth about formerly incarcerated people, such as the ones above.

Our own Kermit Humphries says these new documents will help NIC disseminate accurate and helpful federal opportunities to practitioners and corrections policy makers. Being aware of and having access to the Reentry Council’s documents are the first steps. Download them today!

And be sure to check out NIC's latest reentry publication, The Elected Official's Toolkit for Jail Reentry.


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