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Just Released – NIC’s FY 2010 Report to the Nation
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From Morris Thigpen, National Institute of Corrections Director:

In this report, NIC is pleased to highlight its success in meeting constituent needs during fiscal year 2010.  We responded to a number of requests for technical assistance, revived the NIC Office of Public Health, and migrated many of our print publications into a fully online format.  We have also developed and nurtured an increasing number of partnerships with industry stakeholders, which we hope will enhance our ability to meet the needs of the ever-changing and exciting field of corrections.024837

The Report goes on to include:

  • What NIC is
  • What the NIC Information Center is
  • How NIC helps meet the challenge of newly released offenders
  • What NIC does in your district
  • How NIC addresses the needs of elected officials and corrections executives who work with inmates and offenders
  • How NIC is involved in evidence-based practices
  • How NIC addresses other contemporary issues in corrections

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