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Help the NIC Information Center Serve the Field by Donating Your Materials to the Kutak Library
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The NIC Information Center Welcomes Donations

The heart of the NIC Information Center is the Robert J. Kutak library collection. The focus of the collection is on unpublished, operationally-oriented resources developed by federal, state, and local correctional agencies for use by practitioners in the field. The collection includes items such as policies, procedural manuals, reports, research, newsletters, and training materials.

Submitting Items to the NIC Library

We welcome new submissions to the NIC library. It is a great way to share resources with your colleagues around the country. As a corrections practitioner, you may want to consider submitting original documents, training materials, research reports, program evaluations, or other resources to the Information Center collection.

If you have donated materials to the NIC Information Center in the past, we always appreciate any updated or revised versions of those items.

If you choose to donate training materials, please contact Jeff White, Librarian, NIC Information Center at He can provide you with the release form and assist you with the process.

Before Submitting

As always, by donating materials to the Information Center collection, your agency will be credited but the materials can become widely available. Make sure any sensitive or private information is removed. You probably want to clear any potential donations with the CEO or governing entity of your agency.

NIC Information Center Donation/Release Form

Robert J. Kutak Library

The NIC Information Center

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