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September 2011 - NIC News & Updates

NIC News & Updates


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    Recidivism Reduction, Substance Use, and Co-Occurring Disorders webinar now ONLINE!

    If you missed the National Reentry Resource Center's webinar, Recidivism Reduction, Substance Use, and Co-Occurring Disorders , have no fear. It's now available online! According the the NRRC website, the presenters of this webinar discuss best practices in effective treatment for people whose co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders range in severity. They first focus on the importance of screening and assessment and then cover evidence-based treatment practices that help to...
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    New in the Library – Special Challenges Facing Parole

    Available to download at the NIC Information Center Library , “ Special Challenges Facing Parole ” is the fourth title in the NIC series, Parole Essentials: Practical Guides for Parole Leaders. From the Forward by Director Morris L. Thigpen: Paroling authorities play a critical role within correctional systems across the nation, making thousands of decisions about the timing of release from prison for a significant number of offenders each year. They set conditions of release and respond...
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