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Close to Home: Building on Family Support for People Leaving Jail
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Most reentry projects focus on the obstacles incarcerated people face after leaving prisons, but the Family Justice Program’s Close to Home project focuses on reentry for the jail population. In a recent survey, the project explored the Vera Logouse of the Relational Inquiry Tool (RIT), a questionnaire originally designed for the prison population, in three Maryland and Wisconsin jails. RIT assists the incarcerated in thinking of family and community members as supportive resources when leaving their facility. Close to Home: Building on Family Support for People Leaving Jail is a new report that gathers the qualitative and quantitative research Close to Home collected. Download it here.

Read more about the Relational Inquiry Tool.

Visit NIC's Offender Reentry/Transition Project page.

Posted Thu, Oct 13 2011 1:13 PM by Anonymous


bella blu wrote re: Close to Home: Building on Family Support for People Leaving Jail
on Fri, Oct 21 2011 12:20 PM

I actually skimmed this paper a couple of days ago, and it makes good reading.

But here in the UK, we're starting from such a low point, it's hard to see progress for some time.

This is purely a personal opinion, but I'm a big advocate of quality over quantity, when it comes to family involvement, at a balance of course.

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