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New in the Library - APEX: Building the Model and Beginning the Journey
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Building the Model and Beginning the Journey is the first book in the APEX series for025287 Achieving Performance Excellence, providing an overview of the APEX Journey—a roadmap for correctional agencies to use as they begin an organizational change initiative. Each of the eight domains in the APEX Public Safety Model is described.

The Leadership domain focuses on how leaders can responsibly guide their organization and staff while maintaining public safety. The Organizational Culture domain looks at how the values, norms and assumptions of the organization influences behavior. The Operations Focus domain concentrates on safe and secure supervision and settings and the process management of the organization. The Stakeholder Focus domain examines the ability of the organization to create services through the engagement of stakeholders. The Workforce Focus domain focuses on the management of the workforce, including development, engagement and environment. The Strategic Planning domain considers how the organization develops, manages, and implements strategies, plans, and initiatives.

The Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management domain concentrates on data and information management in the organization, and the Results domain views the effectiveness of the outcomes for achieving the organization’s mission and goals. An overview of the APEX Tools for Organizational Assessment—the APEX Screener, the APEX Organizational Profile, and the APEX Inventory: Powerful Tools for Assessment, Communication and Change—is presented. Developing a Communications Plan comprises the final chapter.

For additional information see NIC’s APEX project.

Posted Mon, Jan 30 2012 1:58 PM by Susan Powell


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