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New in the Library – Motivational Interviewing in Corrections
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Motivational Interviewing in Corrections is the first in a set of two resource manuals for supporting the initial implementation of motivational interviewing in correctional settings. The book begins with a brief history of motivational interviewing (MI) and then explores how MI fits in corrections. Also covered are fundamental issues related to the implementation of MI such as:025556

• How MI is learned
• How supervisors and coaches can support MI skills in staff
• How to work differently with those staff who are, and are not, interested in adopting MI

MI has distinguished itself as an effective intervention for working with both angry and early-stage motivation clients. From intake to case planning, monitoring, and sanctioning and to final case termination and transition, agents can appropriately use MI skills at almost every point in the process of correctional case management. However, while it is in some ways easy to make a case for MI in corrections, the successful implementation of MI can be challenging. This book aims to clarify the process and make implementing MI easier to execute.

Motivational Interviewing in Corrections provides guidelines for bridging the gap between status quo agency procedures and effective MI implementation. The publication is coauthored by Brad Bogue and Anjali Nandi, who are both members of the international group of MI trainers (MINT) and have been implementing MI and other evidence-based practices in corrections over the past two decades.

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Posted Thu, Mar 8 2012 8:35 AM by Susan Powell


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