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April 2012 - NIC News & Updates

NIC News & Updates


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    Corrections and Mental Health Update

    New articles have been posted to NIC's Corrections and Mental Health Update , a blog covering mental health practices. The new articles cluster around two themes: Involuntary Medication, and Ethical and Legal Issues Concerning the Mentally Ill in Corrections. The main feature, “ Psychiatric Medication Adherence Among People Who Are Incarcerated: What Do We Know ?” is based on research by and interviews with Dr. Deborah Shelton at the West Virginia University School of Nursing, Morgantown...
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    New to the NIC Website – LGBTI Medical & Mental Health Resources

    In addition to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Offenders topic page, the National Institute of Corrections website now contains a topic page devoted to the medical and mental health needs of LGBTI offenders. This web page has been developed in an effort to provide current and useful information to correctional agencies regarding the management of medical and mental health needs, issues, and risk factors for the LGBTI offender population. Highlighted on the web page is the recently...
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    NIC Director Morris Thigpen Announces Retirement

    During National Institute of Corrections Advisory Board meeting on April 2, 2012, Director Morris L. Thigpen, Sr. announced his intention to retire at the end of this calendar year. He announced the decision 9 months in advance of his retirement date to provide a sufficient period, if the Attorney General approves, for the advisory board to conduct a national search for his replacement. Director Thigpen will continue to provide the leadership and guidance that the field has come to expect since he...
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