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May 2012 - NIC News & Updates

NIC News & Updates


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    New in the Library: Leadership Resources

    From the introduction: Correctional leaders today, perhaps now more than ever, must focus on their own leader development, the development of their followers, and exhibit positive leadership behavior by making sound research-based decisions and problem solving effectively. We believe that this annotated leadership bibliography will assist the field of corrections, particularly supervisors, managers, senior level leaders, and executives, in their journey to create learning organizations for the future...
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    New in the Library – Developing Motivational Interviewing Skills

    Exercises for Developing MI Skills in Corrections is the second in a set of two resource manuals for supporting the initial implementation of motivational interviewing in correctional settings. This publication presents “scenarios that agents commonly encounter in their efforts to monitor and reinforce court/parole/institutional conditions and address clients’ central eight criminogenic needs”. The manual also considers the learning tasks of MI in relation to the eight principles...
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