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New in the Library – Developing Motivational Interviewing Skills
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Exercises for Developing MI Skills in Corrections is the second in a set of two resource manuals for supporting the initial implementation of 025557motivational interviewing in correctional settings. This publication presents “scenarios that agents commonly encounter in their efforts to monitor and reinforce court/parole/institutional conditions and address clients’ central eight criminogenic needs”.

The manual also considers the learning tasks of MI in relation to the eight principles for effective interventions outlined in Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in Community Corrections: The Principles of Effective Intervention, an NIC publication. Ordered in the sequence in which they are most commonly learned or mastered, the first five of these eight tasks for learning MI provide the structure for Exercises for Developing MI Skills in Corrections. Chapters relating to these five tasks are:

  • The spirit of motivational interviewing
  • Active listening
  • Recognizing and reinforcing change talk
  • Eliciting and strengthening change talk
  • Responding to resistance

See also - Motivational Interviewing in Corrections:  A Comprehensive Guide to Implementing MI in Corrections

Posted Tue, May 1 2012 7:01 AM by Susan Powell


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