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NIC Supports Probation, Parole, and Community Services Week
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The National Institute of Corrections encourages all of you – from corrections practitioners to supporters of the field – to pause this week from your busy schedules to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of community corrections to the justice system and the public in all regions of our nation as we celebrate Probation, Parole and Community Service Week, July 15-21, 2012.024201

Perhaps no term in all of corrections is more encompassing than “community corrections.”  Simply stated, community corrections professionals supervise offenders in the community, but we recognize this represents a wide variety of activities, ranging from pretrial assessments to preparing pre-sentencing reports, from probation and parole supervision in the community to provision of residential services outside the confines of institutions, from victim’s services to providing treatment to those being supervised.

The work of community corrections is central to public safety and prevention of future harm to the public.  Its function is generally performed outside the spotlight of public attention, yet its efforts are a true force for positive change in communities across the nation.  We recognize that the responsibilities of community corrections professionals are complex, challenging, and often dangerous, as the public tragically learned on May 18 when Oklahoma Probation Officer Jeffrey McCoy was killed while making a routine home visit.

NIC is pleased to provide support and services throughout the year to community corrections in a variety of forms.  We hope that during this week of celebration and recognition that everyone in corrections and the justice field will pause to acknowledge the work of community corrections professionals, and that all those who work in the community corrections field will personally pause, step back, and recognize the value and importance of your daily efforts on behalf of us all.

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Morris Thigpen, Director

Jim Cosby, Chief, Community Services Division

National Institute of Corrections

Posted Wed, Jul 18 2012 10:12 AM by Susan Powell


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