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September 2012 - NIC News & Updates

NIC News & Updates


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    Developing a Security Audit System: You Get What You Inspect

    The problem is that you are in your facility every day. Things you see on a daily basis look normal to you. The key to enhancing institutional security is to develop a system of internal security auditing that allows you to see the operations and facility through new eyes. The NIC Prisons Division’s “Conducting Security Audits” training program, one of several security-related resources offered, can do that for you. The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) can help! NIC’s...
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    New to the NIC Website – Gangs

    Recently added to the National Institute of Corrections website, you will find a new Topic page containing resources on Gangs and Security Threat Groups . This web page provides a wide variety of resources on prison gangs, youth gangs, gangs and reentry, and basics about slang words, clothing, tattoos and more. New publications on the topic include: Highlights of the 2010 National Youth Gang Survey Security Threat Group Prevention, Identification and Management Strategy See Topic page: Gangs and...
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