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Did You Know: NIC’s Correctional Trainers Forum
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The National Institute of Corrections provides a variety of discussion forums on its Corrections Community networking site.  One of the most active and interesting forums is the Correctional Trainers discussion forum.  The forum’s operating philosophy is sort of like that penny dish you always see at checkouts: when you need a penny take one, but in return, leave a few when you can.  Trainers are in constant need of resources, new information,  better approaches, and innovative instructional techniques, but they are also very willing to share.

Recent posts have addressed de-escalation skills, PREA in-service training,  and resources for a train the trainer course.  The forum also serves as a communications conduit for NIC staff for reaching out to correctional trainers, so participants in the forum will always have the latest information about NIC broadcasts, new additions at the NIC Learning Center, and upcoming events in NIC training.

If you are involved in training, you will want to check out the NIC Correctional Trainers forum. You can view the forum at any time, but  you need to join the NIC Corrections Community in order to post and reply.  Joining is a simple process at “Register and Join our Community”.  So you can be an active participant, you might want to subscribe to the Correctional Trainers forum.  You will then get e-mails of all Correctional Trainers forum posts.

While you are exploring the Correctional Trainers forum, don’t forget to visit the NIC  Workplace Learning and Staff Performance Enhancement page as well as the items in the NIC Information Center library that are directly relevant for trainers  - Click on “personnel” once you are on the library General Topics page.

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