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Did You Know: NIC's Knowledgebase / Solutions (April 2013)
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The National Institute of Corrections responds to thousands of requests for corrections-specific information every year. When we get questions that we think others might find of interest, we add the answers to our Knowledgebase Collection.

A knowledgebase is a centralized repository for related information about a particular subject. A Knowledgebase is not written in stone. New articles are added and old articles that are no longer relevant are retired on an on-going basis. An NIC Knowledgebase is comprised of current, concise, and digital documents that provide a brief introduction to a subject.  Our Knowledgebase Collection is always accessible on-line so you can find the information you need, when you need it. This means that you can learn about issues faster, retrieve solutions you’ve found before, and ensure that you are using your time productively.

Currently there are over 80 entries with more being added every week. Recent additions have addressed:

Some of the more popular topics are:

Suggestions are always welcome. If you know of an item that would be a good addition to an existing Knowledgebase, send us an email at  If you are having difficulty locating information on a particular subject, please let us know. You may find your answer in our next Knowledgebase!

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