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Get to Know NIC: Adria Tafoya
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Meet Adria Tafoya, Registrar for the National Institute of Corrections (NIC). Ms. Tafoya joined the staff of NIC in 2006 as a Management Assistant in the Academy Division, where she provided support for a variety of programs and activities, including NIC satellite and distance learning broadcasts, Academy budgets, and staff time and attendance. Ms. Tafoya was appointed to her present position as NIC Registrar in August of 2011.

Responsibilities at NIC

"As Registrar for NIC" she said, "I probably have as much if not more interaction with the field than most staff." A lot goes into getting program participants from Point A to Point B, and Adria is there from start to finish to help. She manages the hotel and airline contracts, posts training announcements to the website, manages applications, troubleshoots technical problems with enrollments, sends out invitations to attend, produces class lists and name tags, and provides logistical support during the training. Adria's advice to applicants, "make sure your email address and phone number are up to date when creating your account and profile in the NIC Learning Center." This is the most common error that she sees made by applicants and it can create delays if NIC needs to send any follow-up emails..

To update your account information go to the NIC Learning Center, make sure you are logged in, click the "My Learning" tab, and go to "my account information."

Professional Interests

Ms. Tafoya believes in serving the NIC constituency and takes pride in her professional interaction with participants. She really tries to take the time to ensure they have complete information about their training program, including all of the logistics, and are equipped with what they need for a successful experience with NIC.

Fun Facts and Hidden Talents

Prior to joining NIC, Adria was employed by the St. Vrain Valley School District, in the Athletic Department. One of her most enjoyable tasks was officiating women's high school volleyball games all up and down the Colorado Front Range.

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