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Did You Know: The NIC Policy and Procedure Exchange
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Lightbulb.border.logoAll correctional agencies have a need for providing and maintaining a quality policy and procedure manual.  It should provide clear and precise written directives for staff, offenders, and the community. While national standards, evidenced-based practices, effective past-practices, case law, regulations, and other recognized sources become good bases for “grounding” and justifying a given policy and procedure, it is generally helpful to see how other agencies have approached addressing  issues and needs in their policies as well.  Since all correctional agencies are involved with this endeavor, the NIC Policy and Procedure Exchange is an excellent focal point for sharing, making requests, gathering information, and soliciting comments on proposed policy drafts.

A Key Concept: Sharing

As with any exchange concept, sharing is just as important as asking.  So bookmark the NIC Policy and Procedure Exchange and track requests, responses, and contribute when you can. Better yet, subscribe to it (you must be signed in to subscribe to a forum) so you will get an e-mail copy of every posting.

Note: always keep this in mind. The Policy Exchange is an open forum and viewable on the web. This means your questions, concerns, and issues as well as your policy suggestions or contributions can go beyond your colleagues. So in expressing your need, if it is sensitive in nature, you might simply choose to make contact with potential sources through the policy exchange initially and then switch to more private communications like direct e-mail or telephone. 

How to Proceed and Participate

The NIC Policy and Procedure Exchange is one of the many discussion forums located on the NIC Corrections Community. The theme for the Corrections Community is  “A place where corrections professionals can interact and collaborate”. To fully participate in the policy and procedure exchange, you need to join the NIC Corrections Community.

After you have joined, please read the “Welcome to the NIC Policy and Procedure Exchange” post first.

Other Corrections Policy Development Resources

Beyond the policy exchange discussion forum, NIC has its Correctional Policy and Procedure resource page as well as links to state DOC web-based policy and procedure manuals and county corrections post orders, general orders, SOPs, written directives, P&P manuals and jail policies

Also, here are a few examples of PREA policies for institutions that are available either from the NIC collection or on-line. To help you in your policy work, take a look at Developing and Revising Detention Facility Policies and Procedures.

If you are not finding what you need, as always, visit the NIC Information Center Helpdesk.

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