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Updated: Cooperative Agreement – IBM Instructional Guide and Assessment Tool Development
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Updated 7/1, 6/27, 6/11: (See questions and answers below)

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is soliciting proposals from organizations, groups, or individuals to enter into a cooperative agreement for a 12-month period to begin no later than September 15, 2013. Work under this cooperative agreement will involve the development of an instructional guide and assessment tool(s) that will help jail practitioners improve their assessment of inmate needs and management of inmate behavior. Needs are defined as the physical or psychological requirement for well-being. Inmates have a variety of needs that should be identified and managed during their stay in jail. This project will be a collaborative venture with the NIC Jails Division.

DEADLINE: Applications must be received before midnight (ET) on Wednesday, July 3, 2013.

Please note effective July 1, 2013 the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) has been merged to the System for Award Management (SAM).  The SAM registry and Frequently Asked Questions can be reached at  Please note that the registration process can take up to 1-3 weeks, so please plan accordingly.

Questions and Answers:

Question: Does the tool need to be validated?

Answer: This cooperative agreement does not require a validation for the tool(s) that are developed. It does call for a pilot test to see if the tool(s) are easy to use and provide agencies with the information they need to better manage their inmate population.

Question: What is the anticipated/estimated project start date for the "IBM Instructional Guide & Assessment Tool Development" project? The announcement states the project should begin no later than September 15, 2013, but what is the earliest date the project can be started?

Answer: Once the proposals are received and evaluated a start date will be provided. The time that process takes varies, however the September 15th date is the latest we expect the project to begin.

Question: May a state prison apply for this cooperative agreement?

Answer: Yes.  Any applicant with expertise in the work outlined in the Request for Proposal may apply.  The project focuses on jails, so the applicant must be able to understand needs assessment as it relates to jail inmates.  Persons newly admitted to jails might have different needs than persons newly transferred to prisons.  Also, most prisons have more resources to meet inmates’ needs than do most jails, whether at admission or during the course of the inmate’s stay in the institution.

Question: The RFP specifies that the needs assessment tool(s) will be pilot tested in two jurisdictions.  To conduct the pilot tests, must the awardee be on site at both jurisdictions?

Answer: The awardee is required to be on site for the pilot test in both jurisdictions. 

Question: Will the awardee be involved in choosing the pilot-test sites?

Answer: The awardee, in consultation with NIC, will select the pilot sites.


Posted Thu, Jun 6 2013 10:25 AM by Susan Powell


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