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Time to Register: LGBTI Populations: Intake - Creating a Culture of Safety
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Now is the time to register and participate in "LGBTI Populations: Intake - Creating a Culture of Safety", a live, interactive training broadcast scheduled for April 9 - 10, 2014 at 9am PT / 12pm ET both days at this link Below is some information on streaming tests that we are running prior to next week's event, along with more information designed to get you ready for the broadcast!

Internet Viewing - Preparation

  • If you are planning to view the broadcast via the internet, we are running streaming internet tests on the following dates and times (please adjust your time zones accordingly):
  • April 7, 2014 9am - 3pm PDT / 12pm - 6pm EDT
  • April 8, 2014 9am - 3pm PDT / 12pm - 6pm EDT
  • Check your compatibility by testing your internet streaming compatibility at this link
  • On the Broadcast Viewing Instructions page at this link , click the View Live Broadcast BLUE PLAY button on the right side of the screen, and the test will begin automatically if your system is compatible.
  • The streaming test should start automatically. If not, click "Launch In External Player" on your screen. No username or password is required. If this does not work, please consult with your local IT Administrator.
  • If you experience difficulty, first consult with your local IT Administrator. Typically, agency internet security settings, firewall(s) or local internet connection speed issues will be the cause.
  • Please ask your IT Administrator if the NIC site/url for broadcasts is blocked. If so, ask if it can be unblocked for broadcast viewing purposes. If access to the NIC broadcasts url is being blocked by your agency, this is most likely causing your inability to link to the stream test, and by extension, the live broadcast.
  • If you experience difficulty, please email with your name and telephone number, and you will receive a call from the studio offering troubleshooting assistance.
  • Another option for viewing is to purchase / rent a USB wireless modem / aircard to use to view the broadcast via the internet. This should circumvent any connectivity issues.
  • The direct link for the live internet feed for streaming tests is

What if I/we are not compatible for internet viewing? How can I / we get a copy of the broadcast?

  • The broadcast will be available for viewing / download online approximately 30 days post broadcast.
  • DVDs of the broadcast will be available free of cost from the NIC Information Center approximately 60 days post broadcast. Order them at 1-800-877-1461 or . Be sure and have the name of the broadcast handy when you call or order online to request your DVD.

 Pre-Broadcast Preparation - Reading

Please review the Participant Pre-Reading document found at this link  prior to the first day of the broadcast.

Pre-Broadcast Preparation - Video Clip Viewing

Please view the four video clips 1) Foundations; 2) Misconceptions; 3) Operations; and 4) Policy Building located at this link  prior to the broadcast. Depending on your screen size, you may have to scroll down on your page to find the links.

What Should I Download?

Participant Guide

In preparation for the broadcast, download the custom Participant Guide at this link On-air Facilitators will refer to it during the broadcast, and it contains content information, activities, useful resources and links to more information that supplements broadcast content.

Site Facilitators - If you are expecting a group of participants at your site, duplicate copies to ensure that all participants have a copy ready for use during the broadcast.

Facilitator Manual - For Those of You Convening a Group of Participants at a Viewing Site

In preparation for the broadcast, download the custom Facilitator Manual at this link

  • This will assist you in facilitating your group through broadcast activities at your site.
  • We will be doing both on-air (those that occur while the broadcast is live on the air) and off-air (those that occur after the broadcast time is over) activities. The Facilitator Manual gives step-by-step information to guide your group through each day of the training broadcast.
  • Use this in concert with the Participant Guide (see section, above), to see the type of activities that on-air Facilitators will be doing with broadcast participants.

Site Coordinators Guide - Helping You Prepare

Download NIC's Guide to Coordinating Live Satellite/Internet Broadcasts, at this link  It's full of information designed to get you as an individual and/or your site ready to access our live broadcasts. Included is information preparing your site, running technology checks on equipment, and helpful forms.

BROADCAST DAYS - April 9 and 10, 2014 / 9am PT / 10am MT / 11am CT / 12pm ET (3 hours each day)

Internet Viewing - Broadcast Days

  • Access the broadcast via the internet via the Broadcast Viewing Instructions page at this link at 9:00am PT/ 12:00pm ET (adjust your time zone accordingly). 
  • On the Broadcast Viewing Instructions page, click the View Live Broadcast BLUE PLAY button on the right side of the screen, and you should connect to the broadcast automatically if your system is compatible. There is no username or password required to view the broadcast.
  • For internet technical support during the broadcast provided by UVault, call Live Webcast Technical Support (Internet stream-only): 1-844-331-1472.

 Satellite Viewing - Broadcast Days

  • Satellite coordinate information is located on the Broadcast Viewing Instructions page at this link 
  • For technical support for satellite issues call Technical Support (Satellite-only): 509-443-7701.

 I Have a Question and Want to Participate! How Can I?

  • On-air live call-in line: (800) 278-4315 (For live calls during the program only)
  • Fax: (509) 443-7714 (For faxes during the live program only)
  • E-mail address:
  • Live Chat:  Join the national conversation!

How Do I / We Receive Training Credit For This Broadcast?

  • Contact your agency Training Director / Administrator / Coordinator about receiving training credit, documentation regarding this broadcast, and what you should submit to receive it.
  • NIC does not issue training certificates for participation in satellite/broadcasts, as we do not track participation at sites / and or by individuals.
  • Many corrections agencies across the US have developed sign in sheets and other documentation methods so that staff members can receive training credit for participating in NIC satellite / internet broadcasts.

 Thank You!

Thank you for joining us for this live and interactive satellite / internet training broadcast, and we hope that you find the information useful!

 Leslie LeMaster

Executive Producer

NIC Broadcasts

Posted Fri, Apr 4 2014 4:05 PM by Leslie LeMaster
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