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EBDM Sites Using Risk and Needs Assessment at Sentencing
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Three National Institute of Corrections Evidence-based Decision Making sites were recently included in a series of reports on the experiences of individual jurisdictions using Risk and Need Assessment (RNA) information to inform sentencing decisions.  The value of using RNA is highlighted by the National Center for State Courts, Center for Sentencing Initiatives as being  one of the “practices in criminal justice decision
making [that] can have a profound effect on reducing offender recidivism”.

These  profile reports are “not intended to be a comprehensive study of all stakeholder views in a jurisdiction regarding the use of the assessment information. Rather, they offer a current picture of how some stakeholders are incorporating the information into their sentencing practices”.

Reports for the EBDM sites include:

Download additional reports and the National Center for State Courts document on RNA Guidance

If you would like more information about the Evidence Based Decision Making in Local and State Criminal Justice Systems please contact Lori Eville either by email- or call 202-514-0118.

Posted Tue, Apr 8 2014 7:51 AM by Susan Powell


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