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Recently Released: Responding to Transgender Victims of Sexual Assault
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The Office of OVC Victims of Crime (OVC) has released a new on-line guide for Responding to Transgender Victims of Sexual Assault. Although not specifically created for the Corrections community, this guide should be of interest to those working in detention settings with transgender or gender non-conforming victims.

From the OVC website:

Transgender victims, like all victims of sexual assault, want and deserve to be respected, heard, believed, served, and supported. This guide will help you do just that.

  • About This Guide describes why the guide is necessary and offers a list (by no means exhaustive or authoritative) of common transgender-related terms.
  • Transgender 101 covers the basics of what it means to be transgender. If you need a general understanding of transgender-related issues, read this section first.
  • Sexual Assault in the Transgender Community reveals the quite high rate of sexual assault within the community and also covers community ramifications.
  • Tips for Those Who Serve Victims is where you'll find provider-specific advice on how best to serve transgender victims of sexual assault.

Access the full Guide

For additional information from NIC on LGBTI Offenders

Posted Thu, Jun 19 2014 11:16 AM by Susan Powell


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