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National Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision Week: July 13-19, 2014
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As National Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Supervision Week approaches this July 13-19, 2014, the Community Corrections Collaborative Network (CCCN) wishes to acknowledge the dedication of all professionals in our field.

CCCN is sponsored by the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) and is comprised of the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA),  the Association of Paroling Authorities International (APAI), the Federal Probation and Pretrial Officers Association (FPPOA), the International Community Corrections Association (ICCA), the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP), the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (NAPSA), and the National Association of Probation Executives (NAPE)--each a leading representative of the professionals who enrich our industry.

CCCN provides these leading associations with a common platform from which to address like issues and support shared values. Together as the CCCN, we wish to thank those who have chosen this field as their own--the pretrial, probation, parole, and treatment professionals who work tirelessly to promote pro-social change and reduce harm.

Understandably, to accomplish the work required of our field takes dedication and energy. Being Change Agents is not easy, particularly when resources are low and emotional tolls are high. However, the professionals who make up our pretrial, probation, and parole entities are not your average workers: they are intrinsically optimistic, consistently devoted, and completely committed to the greater good. There is nothing more admirable than helping those in need, and our professionals do this on a daily basis, without question.

For those who are involved in the field of community corrections, we THANK YOU for changing lives and building futures.

Posted Tue, Jul 8 2014 7:59 AM by Susan Powell


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