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Spanish Translation of Thinking for a Change
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The National Institute of Corrections frequently receives requests for a Spanish translation of the Thinking for a Change cognitive curriculum.  The 2002 version has been translated into Spanish and can be downloaded from the NIC website here.  

The current 3.1 version of Thinking for a Change is available in English only, however, NIC is pursuing a Spanish translation.  The English package is available in two editions:

  • Online Edition: This is an online-only edition that provides access to all lesson plans, slides, supplemental material and videos, needed to facilitate this program. This edition is always available and can be a great version to use if you just want to download specific pieces at time, would like to preview the program contents, or plan to deliver the lessons from a Internet-connected laptop or tablet.
  • PC Edition: This edition is for use on a PC and must be ordered from the NIC Information Center. It works exactly like the online edition, but does not require Internet access. Select this option if you need a version that does not require Internet access or you will be using a TV/DVD to view the videos during the lesson.

Other supporting resources

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